The Things I'm Going To Say When I See You

by Jon Fazal

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Hand painted covers by Alan Ashworth Munoz.


released March 10, 2010


all rights reserved



Jon Fazal London, UK

Singer-songwriter based in London, UK.

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Track Name: Amelie (I'm to Leave)
The pilons seem so frightening, they're like skeletons of giants
Or prisoners chained up across the hills
And they're channelling light and heat to 4x4s and TV screens
Filling all the factories up with coal

The people scurry off to work like insects trapped in fireworks
We're so distracted we don't even see our fates
But that fatal final flash of light will steal our eyes and make us blind
We're so drawn to that which will fuck us up

You count up your reasons to go or to stay
And they balance out completely, you're indifferent either way
But you were born for the road and the sun on your face
So you're bound to feel restless if you stay in one place, Amelie

The countryside is receding like a puddle into concrete
They turn these hills to towns and paint them grey
And the farmers mix their potions til the sky looks like an ocean
And they jump off their roofs to drown themselves

Because they counted up their reasons to live or to die
And they balanced out completely so they're wondering why
They were born for the road and the sun on their faces
So they're bound to feel restless if they stay in these places, Amelie
I'm to leave.

I won't give into all the demons in my mind
I won't keep running from the lights for fear of blindness
It's not like me to feel like this all of the time
But if I don't go I know I'll go out of my mind
Track Name: Something is Changing
The little things that you say to me when I'm down
They make me feel more certain of the person that I am
I'm a headache, you're a dream
And that's the reason I can't sleep

But it's hard to reassure a heart so full of regret
I guess the reason why I get like this is I haven't grown up yet
But baby when I do
I will give all my time to you

So maybe something is changing
Somewhere in the sky tonight the stars form different shapes
The whole world's rearranging
I just don't think that I could ever stay for too long in one place

Well winter is around me, it's all I can see
How come all I ever want to do these days is sleep
And wake up somewhere new
If I can't wake up next to you

Because there are these moments you cherish, moments you regret
You shouldn't take life too lightly but you needn't get upset
Because there are things that you don't choose
No they just happen to happen to you

Maybe something is missing
And just when you think you've found it that's when it goes away
It's just no one really else really listens
They just wait around til they can think of something else to say

But I keep dreaming of this place I've never been
I really want to take you there but I don't know where it is
So my heart sinks, but my soul sings
When I think of all the things you do

And the things I'm going to say when I see you
Track Name: Bound to Disappear
Does this big bad city make you feel lonely?
When you look around do you think 'people don't know me'?
Well I know you dear, you're just like me
You get more and more bored the longer you stay here

And you feel so sad but you don't know why
Until the more you think, the more you want to die
And you gave your heart to the bright blue sky
But you're losing faith because it rains all the time

But I'm no better, I know I'm going to stay
Until I see the road I'm going to want to run away
But this city's so busy I feel we can't stay here
Because if we do we're bound to disappear
Among all these people we're never going to meet

Well in little clubs you were a smiling face
And you'd dance so well I felt out of place
Some time round two I'm too drunk to move
But I do my best to dance with you

But when I move my feet I don't look so good
When I try to speak it doesn't come out as it should
So I smoke the night away
And try to think about brighter days

But you're no better, I know you going to stay
Until you see the road you always want to run away
But this city's so busy I feel we can't stay here
Because if we do we're bound to disappear
Among all these people we're never going to meet

It's ok to feel sad sometimes, to want to leave sometimes
To want to land somewhere magical
And it's ok to feel lonely but darling there's no need
You're wonderful

We're so young, there's fresh air in our lungs
This world's ours so we can run anywhere
And there's beauty around us
So let's stand back and look everywhere, because it's everywhere
Track Name: I Will Rest
Do you want to find something you can cling to?
Like a melody that is easy to sing to.
You know there is something missing but you don't know what
You know there is someone out there who wants what you've got

Who has read all of your stories and sung all of your songs
She wrote them before you, she's known them all along
Because the broken hearted all trip along
Like a train that's rolling into the setting sun.

Now I never see you, oh darling where have you gone
We used to talk everyday, but I guess that's ok
Because we're always changing- all of the time
And I don't have the same visions, I barely have the same eyes

That's why I'm blind

Do you want to find somewhere you can run to
Where you won't be seen, where no one can find you
You know there's something changing but you don't know what
It makes you want to hide somewhere time forgot

You're a bundle of feelings, you almost always smile
But then you don't at all, look sad and stare at the walls
But you shine like a diamond every time that you talk
It makes me want to know you because I can't read your thoughts

You've got this lonely feeling that you can't shake off
You're heart is like mine, it's so easily caught
Among all of your worries, all your scattered thoughts
But when I'm freed from that prison I won't forever walk

I will rest

Because if you think too much you'll go out of your mind
Sometimes seeing all the time makes you want to be blind
You can't disconnect your worried head
From the paranoid thoughts that leave your heart a mess

But when you learn how to accept
That's the day that you can finally rest.

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